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Internacionalización y cooperación en educación superior : un estudio de caso de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
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Educación superior y Estado; México; Educación; Planeamiento; Cooperación internacional; Aspectos educativos
"The 21St century has begun with a complex international scenario of interdependence in all levels: economic, politic and cultural among others. In order to cope with this reality, institutions must react and create strategies which allow them to overcome the challenges of the knowledge societies and its requirements. Higher education institutions (HEI's) are not the exception, the demands for a better quality education and more qualified manpower has forced them to implement strategies in order to gain visibility, recognitian and provide the students of competitive services. Internationalisation an international cooperation are useful instruments to achieve this goals. The way in which an institution operates this instruments depends on the historical path, the national and international context and the aims of the university. In this work we study the historical path, the national and international context and the characteristics of the National University of Mexico as an important HEI, in order to find out the particularities of its internationalisation process and the management of the international cooperation. The case study is focused in the General Direction of lnternational Affairs and its work to implement the internationalisation process in the University."
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